Inspire School of Ballet offers Adult Ballet Classes to the community. Adults who wish to begin or continue their ballet training are welcome to take part in our adult program. Students have the option to register by session or on a drop-in basis.



Adult Beg/Int Ballet – Thursdays 7:30-8:45pm


Mat Pilates – Mondays 7:45-8:45PM


Adult Beginning Ballet offers an introductory level of ballet training for the adult beginner in a non-competitive, relaxing atmosphere. Students with minimal experience would be very comfortable taking this course. The instructor will introduce Barre and Centre practice with sufficient amounts of explanation and example. Focus will be on the development of proper alignment and placement while introducing the principles of turn-out, the underlying aesthetic of classical ballet. As students develop coordination, strength and flexibility, they will find this beneficial to their daily lives. It is a progressive course aimed to prepare students for our Adult Intermediate Ballet classes after a period of time. Students who have had some ballet in the past may feel comfortable advancing after just one session, while others may choose to repeat this session a few times to have a clear grasp of the basics.

Adult Intermediate Ballet offers a general intermediate ballet class for adult students wishing to continue ballet training. This course is for students who have had at least two years of ballet training or who have taken our Adult Beginning Ballet session at least twice. Students with less experience are welcome to take the course; however, they should expect a slight learning curve. Adult Ballet offers quality training in a stimulating, non competitive atmosphere. As is standard with many adult ballet classes, exercises will follow a basic format in order to meet the variety of levels in any given class. The curriculum remains flexible and is often adjusted to meet the general class level. Adult Intermediate Ballet continues to develop proper alignment, placement, turn-out, flexibility and coordination. Vocabulary will also be extended.