Adult Programs​

Inspire School of Ballet offers a variety of classes for our adult students. 

Adult Mat Pilates

A fun and rejuvenating class that helps improve flexibility, muscle tone, spinal support, balance, control, precision, flow, proper alignment, mind-body awareness, and creates efficient movement patterns! This class will leave you feeling centered both mentally and physically. Pilates is a challenging, yet safe, method to sculpt and heal your body of everyday pains and weaknesses. This class is open to all fitness abilities and is easily modified for those with physical limitations.

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Adult Beginning/Intermediate Tap

The class begins with a full-body warm up and ends with a thorough cool down and stretch routine. Work up a sweat and build your stamina with fun dance routines. No dance experience necessary!


Wednesdays 7:45 to 8:45 PM 

Adult Beginning/Intermediate Ballet

Offers an introductory level of ballet training for the adult beginner in a non-competitive, relaxing atmosphere. Students with minimal experience would be very comfortable taking this course. The instructor will introduce Barre and Centre practice with sufficient amounts of explanation and example. Focus will be on the development of proper alignment and placement while introducing the principles of turn-out, the underlying aesthetic of classical ballet. As students develop coordination, strength and flexibility, they will find this beneficial to their daily lives.

Tuesdays 8:00 to 9:00 PM (Beg/Int)

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