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For students 18+ years old

Image of 5 adult ballet dancers at the barre.
Inspire School of Ballet adult dancers posing for a picture before a performance.

Adult Ballet

Inspire School of Ballet offers training for adults in a non-competitive, relaxing atmosphere. Classes are open for adults with no experience and those with practice under their belt alike. Focus of the adult program will be on the development (or re-establishing) of proper alignment and placement while explaining the principles of turn-out and the underlying aesthetic of classical ballet. As students develop coordination, strength and flexibility, they may find this beneficial to their daily lives, fitness, and health.

Class Schedule

Adult Ballet: This class offers beginning and intermediate instruction for adult students who wish to incorporate ballet into their lives. Barre and center exercises will be provided, along with modifications to fit the students' needs and comfort levels. Classical ballet fundamentals, as well as artistry development are addressed in this course.

Drop-ins available!

Inspire School of Ballet students lined up at Balboa Park in San Diego, CA. Photograph is zoomed in to show embroidered Inspire School of Ballet logo on the leotards. Picture is in black and white filter with slight lilac hue.


Try one, or try them all! We'd love to have you join us for any of our Twirl Program classes. Start your little one's dance journey with us by booking your complimentary trial class today!

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