"Learning ballet is wonderful for children even if they never become dancers. It is wonderful because it teaches discipline, grace, and manners." Anna Paskevska

You are an excellent teacher with lots of charisma, love and patience for the kids. Thank you for such a wonderful dance experience for my daughter.

Nora H.

Fari B.

Ms. Felicia is knowledgeable and passionate about her curriculum! She’s excited to share her love of dance with all her students. Just take a peek at any of her classes and you’ll catch her with a great big smile that comes from the heart! Having her as a ballet/tap teacher for my daughters has been a blessing. She’s HIGHLY competent teaching a variety of age groups. My daughters are 12, 9, and 4 years old and Ms. Felicia knows how to engage, inspire, motivate, and challenge each one of my girls. My three girls have very different personalities and learning styles. I admire and respect how Ms. Felicia is able to reach each of their needs with patience, discipline, tenderness, respect, and love. Did I mention they also have a great time? Watching my girls enjoy themselves in class and learn so much is a treat for me. I’m so proud of how much they have learned from her in the last 9 months. Her patience and love overflows to her students’ parents too. She is super approachable, professional, and down to earth. All around, I can tell you that Ms. Felicia has the gift of teaching, professionalism, and she’s a GREAT role model to her students.

Ana B.

We are a military family. And, we were looking for an extracurricular activity that made us feel like we are part of the community and to learn how to properly dance ballet. We have lived all over the East Coast and attended a lot of dance studios. I was instantly impressed with how Ms. Felicia commanded her class with grace. My daughters Mariam and Emilia love Ms. Felicia and have learned many dance steps and the french words that go with each dance steps. We continue to sign up for each semester with Ms. Felicia because her end of the semester plays are extremely organized, entertaining and wonderful to watch. I am in awe on how each class performs to their best and the production is worthy of recognition. Thank you Ms. Felicia. We not only love you as a person but respect you as an amazing dance instructor.

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Chula Vista, CA 91914

Phone: (619) 551-4095